#cerberus.py DOS Python Script

#cerberus.py is created by one of the Thunder Squad Hacker Group and Blackout DDOS Squad Hackers. This python script is based on the HULK (Http Unbearable Load King) denial of service attack tool which also sends massive http requests on a certain server or a website. and makes it offline. The only difference of the Hulk-dos script with this one are the user-agents and the referrers list. Below explains the features of it, usage and the download link.


  • Has 74 web-search engine user-agents
  • Has 181 referrers at all
  • Can destroy simple and small websites easily
  • Can make 700 requests in a second
      Python 2.7 > Download it here.

      #cerberus.py <url>
      #cerberus.py http://example.com/

   *If one of the download links gets taken down or gets deleted, please reply in the comments so that I will fix it as soon as possible

     How to attack https websites with this one?
         1) Open the script in any text editor you have.
         2) Go to line 401

          3) But if your target has only http change it again.

     Do I need to put / after the url when I attack?
          Yes you need to put / after the url. For example, #cerberus.py http://example.com/ or                                http://www.example.com. Your attack will not be effective if you will not put / at the end of the url.

That's all and we hope you learned something.

Feel free to ask questions and we will answer it....

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